TQM Policies

1.1  Quality Policy Statement

At Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée, where we manufacture a range of products using cereals, it is our policy to ensure customer satisfaction through sound quality management and product conformity to customer requirements.

We seek total quality management by conducting business processes in an efficient manner, while ensuring continual improvement in all sectors of the company and this is measured using precise indicators.

We entertain good relationships with Suppliers, Customers and neighbours and have functioning certified management systems including safety and health of the personnel on site, and protection of the environment.

All our employees and the customers are made aware of the total quality policy, and feedback on their satisfaction is sought from them.

1.2    Environmental Policy Statement

At Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée, we mill wheat to produce flour and bran which is mixed, packed, stocked, sold and distributed from our site on the local and overseas market.  As responsible operators, we re-affirm our commitment to minimize the impact of our activities, including the administration of the entire operation and the maintenance of the infrastructure, on the environment and to protect the integrity of the global environment.

Environmental impact assessment methodology is used whenever our process and infrastructure is changed in any way.  We ensure our compliance with national environmental legislation as well as the ‘Charte Environnementale’ of the Eclosia group (formely Food and Allied Group) and we consider environmental principles of other organizations from time to time.

We procure environment friendly raw materials whenever cost/quality effective and ensure recycling of materials used, where feasible.  We work towards reducing the carbon footprint of our products and investigate sources of renewable energy.  Progress in our environmental performance improvements are measured and monitored, via an Environmental Management Review Committee, to ensure continual improvement.

1.3 Food Safety Policy Statement

Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée gives the assurance that it takes necessary measures to ensure that the products it manufactures for human consumption are safe.

We are aware of the potential hazards associated with the food products, the processes, personnel, equipment, environmental factors, and their intended use.  An action-oriented programme has been implemented to address the issues raised by the above.

Our HACCP system is proactive, cost effective and implemented by our personnel directly involved with the products. 

1.4 Occupational Safety and Health Policy Statement

LES MOULINS DE LA CONCORDE LTEE, has as policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment
to its employees and to all people who visit our site.

At Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée we are committed to:

  • Carry out risk management related to our activities, products and services so that all  are provided with a safe work environment;
  • Comply with all applicable national legal requirements, to the best of our capacity and with the requirements included in the Corporate Policy Manual and Excellence Award related documents;
  • Ensure that all plant, equipment and substances are safe and without risk to health when used in accordance with the standard operating procedures;
  • Maintain safe systems of work, ensure safe work premises and work environment, including systems to adequately manage emergency response;
  • Provide appropriate OH&S training to all employees, and ensure visitors are trained / sensitized;
  • Consult employees, and any other interested parties as and when required, and discuss with other service providers on OHSMS practices;
  • Provide adequate resources to facilitate the implementation of the Organisation’s OH&S Management Plan;
  • Periodically review and evaluate the OH&S Management System;
  • Establish measurable objectives to ensure continual improvement aimed at reduction and /or elimination of work-related injury and health problems;
  • Communicate our OH&S Policy to all employees and interested parties.

1.5 Display of Policies

A copy of these Policy Statements dated 15.10.2014 are displayed in every department of our company